EDI Uganda


Education and Development Initiatives Uganda (formerly Adult Education Centre) was formally established in 1991. It rebranded and formally adopted its new mane in 2014. EDI Uganda is the registered acronym of this not-for-profit civil society organisation.

Our thematic areas of interest include Skills Developement, Human Rights Protection of Vulnerable Groups, Governance and Social Accountability, Literacy and Basic Education.

Our conviction to do whatever we do, is intriscally motivated by the love of seeing a self-sustaining generation both young and old that is equiped with skills and knowledge they need in their lives for life and work. It's from this therefore, that we work tirelessly with a commitment to achieve, and can only rest if after we have a chieved our ultimate Goal.

Our programmes at EDI are specially designed to enable our team work directly and indirectly towards achieving that great Goal...!

Knowledge and Skills for Life and Work...!

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